AIRVAPE X | Portable weed vaporizer review

  • AirVape X - Dimensions
    AIRVAPE X | Portable weed vaporizer review
  • AirVape X - Bowl detail and magnetic mouthpiece
    AIRVAPE X | Portable weed vaporizer review
  • AirVape X - What's in the box
    AIRVAPE X | Portable weed vaporizer review

The AirVape X (the evolution of Airvape XS) is one of the latest arrival among the portable vaporizers, but it is already has a strong reputation: it’s extra-thin, fast to warm and allows you to smoke herbs and concentrates.

AirVape X - main characteristics

    • Vaping methodConduction and convection
    • What can I vape?: Herbs and concentrates
    • Heating speed:10/30 seconds
    • Battery life: 60 minutes
    • Warranty: 2 years

AirVape X | Design and portability

The first thing that strikes of the AirVapeX is the size: in fact, in addition to being comfortably in the palm of your hand and in your pocket, this vaporizer is very thin, probably the thinnest on the market.
The structural quality is just as good, the metal body gives a solid feel and the temperature control keys are also durable.

One of the biggest improvement, compared to his “parent”, the AirVape XS, it’s a 25% larger weed chamber, which can contain up to 0.4 grams of dried herbs.

AirVape X | Vapor quality

Vapor production is another strong point for this portable vaporizer; quality and quantity leave astonished, considering the very small size.
Ceramic herb chamber evenly heats your herbs or concentrates and the flavor of the steam is really the top of the class; it’s worth to say that the mouthpiece (which is held in place by a strong magnet) and the air path are made by the same material.
Once you reach the operating temperature you have chosen, the AirVape X vibrates, signaling it is ready for a nice vape session.
In addition, there is also the auto shutdown function: every time you turn on the unit, after 3 minutes (but it is possible to set the value up to 5 minutes) it will turn off automatically

Temperature range is 93°C – 220°C.

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Air Vape X | Battery

The AirVape X has an internal rechargeable battery, which has a fairly long life, considering the very compact size of the vaporizer.
Of course, 60 minutes is the least you can expect, but there are larger sized portable vaporizers that have the same lifetime, so the value is acceptable.
Battery life may vary, depends of course on the temps you vape. Fully recharge time is about 70 minutes.
It can be recharged through any USB port, so now virtually everywhere; battery it’s not removable.

AirVape X | The choice

Now there is a no-shuffle fight in the portable vaporizer arena, there are many great products and the AirVape X is certainly one of them.
Compact, robust, with a tasty and “voluminous” steam, it is definitely among the candidates for a possible purchase; it should not forget its price of £135.32, which makes it one of the most convenients.
It maybe pays something like battery life and bracelet ability compared to opponents, but it’s the price to pay for having such a slim profile.

Enjoy vaping!

7.5 Total Score

The AirVape X vape is one of the most stealthy and compact vape on the market, but it still can produce some nice vapor. The herb chamber now has a decent size, and is now made of ceramic. It's definitely a good deal.

  • Stealthy and compact
  • Fast heating
  • Good quality material
  • Good quality vapor
  • Battery life on high temperature setting
  • Warranty period is shorter than the average competitors
User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)
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