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Choosing a desktop vaporizer is an operation that needs to be done with caution: in fact, given the prices involved, it’s good to make sure that our purchase is the best possible for our needs.
It has to be said that all the desktop vaporizers you will find in this guide are the very best in vapor quality, so other factors that may help you in the selection will be emphasized.

ModelBest featureWhere can I buy?
VolcanoOverall qualityVolcano Classic at Namastevapes
Volcano Hybrid at Namastevapes
PlentyVersatilityBuy at Namastevapes
Arizer Extreme QLowest purchase priceBuy at Namastevapes
Arizer V TowerValue for money
Buy at Namastevapes
Herborizer Tube Ti + EnailOverall qualityBuy at
Sticky Brick Value for moneyBuy at

Best desktop vaporizers, here are the candidates:

Volcano (Classic & Hybrid) - Desktop vaporizer
The Volcano is perhaps the most famous among the desktop vaporizers and presents itself in two versions: Classic, with analogical temperature control (through a classic knob) and Hybrid, which , has a digital display and two nice buttons (the Hybrid model replaces the old Digit version). As for vapor quality is certainly one of the best, and it is characterized by its “balloon” system, which distinguishes it from almost all other systems.

The big addition for the Hybrid model is the alternative inhalation method through a tube system. You can now directly vape from the unit using a whip. Pure vapour with minimal airflow resistance. The price is in line with its high quality, but those who choose the Volcano won’t be disappointed at all.

Plenty - Desktop vaporizer
In the race to the best desktop vaporizer, Plenty is definitely in the top positions, as it has many great features. First of all, being a desktop vaporizer is very compact, which never hurts. Then with Plenty you can vaporize herbs, concentrates and even liquids. Temperature control is very accurate, and the overall quality is at the top: is built by the same company that produces the Volcano.

*Prices are updated daily

Arizer Extreme Q - Desktop vaporizer
The Arizer Extreme Q is tough a competitor for all the other desktop vaporizers. It is built with quality materials, it allows to use both the classic tube to aspire or the balloon system and the digital control system is stylish and precise at the same time. Among other things, the price is among the lowest, which could make it the ideal choice and proclaim it as one of the best dektop vaporizer currently on the market.

*Prices are updated daily

Want to learn more?

You are interested in a weed vaporizer but you do not know what to choose?

Arizer V Tower - Desktop vaporizer
The little brother of the Extreme Q, the V Tower maintains a good vapor quality, a good constructive care, but loses several euros from the price list, which is always good. He also has his beautiful digital display and a design that focuses more on practicality than on the design. Just the price makes this desktop vaporizer perfect to start: if you are looking for your first desktop vaporizer, the V Tower is definitely the number one choice.

*Prices are updated daily


Herborizer - Desktop vaporizer
These gems are the Herborizer products, certainly among the best desktop vaporizers. This French manufacturer focuses on the quality of vapor; all versions use convection technology and allow you to consume herbs and concentrates.

Herborizer Tube Ti + Enail

The Herborizer Tube Ti uses the innovative Enail heating element, made of titanium, to vaporize any type of material.

desktop vaporizer herborizer-tube-ti

*Prices are updated daily

Herborizer Bubbler Ti + Enail

As above, but with a more compact body, made of high quality glass.

Herborizer Bubbler Ti

*Prices are updated daily

Herborizer Tube XL

Tube version without the titanium enail, but just as effective and always made with superior quality materials.

desktop vaporizer herborizer-tube-xl

*Prices are updated daily

Herborizer Bubbler XL

“Basic” version of the Bubbler, but always at the top for performance and realization.

desktop vaporizer herborizer-bubbler-xl

*Prices are updated daily

Herborizer Sphere XL

For the little chemist in you, here is the Sphere, which can hold up to 1 liter of pure steam.

desktop vaporizer herborizer-sphere-xl

*Prices are updated daily


Sticky Brick
The Sticky Brick are butane desktop vaporizers: they stick together via magnets. The OG Sticky Brick is the one we recommend for first-time butane vaporizers users because it’s the easiest to use straight out of the box. They also offer the Junior which is smaller version. The Hydrobrick which is for someone that already has some glass “tools” at home and lastly the HydroBrick MAXX. The MAXX includes the glass mouthpiece, whip, and connector. Then, be sure to buy a quality butane torch.

*Prices are updated daily

The best desktop vaporizer | Final thoughts

As we said at the beginning of the article, all the desktop vaporizers we listed are great products.
For one reason or another, any machine on this list may be your next purchase; some for the excellent product quality, both at the construction and vapor level, others for their value for money, others for their exclusivity.
So, as usual, be sure ofthat you are looking for before making the final decision and then, depending on your budget, make your purchasing considerations.
Hardly any of these models will disappoint you and if you want to make us feel your opinions, write them down as well.

Enjoy vaping!

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