Best dry herb vaporizers UK | [January 2020]

Dry herb vaporizer: don’t you have the slightest idea of which one to choose? Well, read our guide to choose wisely.

ModelBest featureWhere can I buy?
CraftyBest compromiseBuy at

Firefly 2 PlusVapor qualityBuy at

Pax 3Discretion/portabilityBuy at

DaVinci IQBest for weed onlyBuy at

Haze Square Pro3 in 1 (herbs/concentrates/oils)Buy at
MightyBattery lifeBuy at
Dr Dabber AuraBest for concentrates onlyBuy at
Various modelsBest under £200Buy at
Various modelsBest without batteryBuy VapCap at
Buy Sticky Brick at

Best portable dry herb vaporizer, here are the candidates:

Best compromise

Evaluation parameters: Portability, vapor quality, Ease of use, Design / Duration

dry herb vaporizer

Crafty is the younger brother of Mighty, reviewed by us some time ago. It is a dry herb vaporizer that mainly uses convection technology to heat the grass, with a range of temperatures ranging from 40 to 210 degrees Celsius.

Thanks to the use of convection, it will produce a steam of excellent taste and definitely pleasing to the throat, causing no disturbance during vaping.

Very small and compact, you can keep it in your pocket and stay in the palm of your hand: a best seller dry herb vaporizer.

*Prices are updated daily


Best dry herb vaporizer for vapor quality

Evaluation parameters: Taste, Density, Temperature

Firefly 2 Plus
dry herb firefly 2 plus portable vaporizer

When it comes to steam quality, the Firefly 2 Plus is second to none in our ranking of the best portable dry herb vaporizers.

With this convection dry herb vaporizer you can also use concentrates and oils, and even with these produces an excellent and almost velvety steam quality.

It heats up in 3 seconds, and produces immense clouds of vapor; its use is simple, so even a novice can use it without problems, while the expert loves it because of its excellent vaporization.

The battery is swappable and it recharges in about 45 minutes.

In case you take it outside the home for long periods, like at the campsite or at a concert, I suggest you get an extra battery, in order to have one always charged.

*Prices are updated daily


Best dry herb vaporizer for discretion / portability

Evaluation parameters: Dimensions, Weight, Portability, Discretion

Pax 3
dry herb vaporizer

The Pax 3 is an evolution of the previous Pax 2 dry herb vaporizer, it heats faster, it is lighter and it can even vaporize concentrates. It is the best portable dry herb vaporizer with regard to portability and discretion.

In fact, the Pax will fit perfectly in your pockets, and hides completely in the palm of your hand and is also very light. The vapor quality is good, especially considering the dimensions: it uses conduction technology.

It has a 10 years warranty. As for the Pax 2, the defects are a slight resistance to the flow of steam when inhaling.

*Prices are updated daily


Best portable vaporizer for dry herbs only

Evaluation parameters: Best weed-only vaporizer

DaVinci IQ
dry herb vaporizer

The Davinci IQ is modern, compact, stylish and produces a steam of excellent taste and density.

It has a 10-year warranty, a removable battery and you can control the temperature and other parameters through an app on our smartphone.

If you are looking for a vaporizer dedicated solely to dry herb, you are in the right place.

*Prices are updated daily


Best dry herb vaporizer – 3 in 1 (herb, concentrates and oils)

Evaluation parameters: Ability to vaporize herbs, concentrates and oils

Haze Square Pro
dry herb vaporizer

The Haze Square Pro dry herb vaporizer (evolution of the Haze V3, no longer on the market) is the first to use a patented tray system; the tray holds 4 capsules, each loadable with a different substance. By turning the tray, you can change substance on the fly. It is possible to use it with dry herbs, oils and concentrates, always obtaining a vapor of excellent quality and volume, to the delight of the passionate vapers; it uses convection technology.

The temperature range for this model is 320 degrees to 480 degrees Fahrenheit.

*Prices are updated daily


Best dry herb vaporizer for battery life

Evaluation parameters: Better average battery life (from max charge)

dry herb vaporizer

As read at the beginning of the post, the Mighty is the big brother of Crafty, which it differs for the lacking of the LED screen, but not only. The larger battery allows it, at the cost of a bit of portability, to last almost 2 hours, if used with care.

The steam quality is excellent and this dry herb vaporizer is robust and easy to use: in fact, the convenient display shows the set temperature and the battery status.

The cons of Mighty are the size a bit too abundant compared to portable competitors and the fact that the battery, however, can only be recharged by the power outlet.

*Prices are updated daily


Best dry herb vaporizer for concentrates

Dr. Dabber Aurora
dry herb vaporizer

Dr Dabber Aurora specializes in the use of concentrates, therefore perfect for all fans of hashish and dab. Its vaporization chamber is in ceramic and does not put the heating element in contact with the substance that we want to vaporize. The result is similar to a mixture of conduction and convection technology, which gives the steam a perfect taste.

Dr Dabber Aurora is not suitable for vaporizing herbs, liquids and oils.

*Prices are updated daily


Best dry herb vaporizer under £200

Evaluation parameters: Guess 🙂

In fact, there are many options to chose a dry herb vaporizer under 200 pounds: here are some suggestions.

Linx Gaia
dry herb vaporizer

Just arrived on the market, but probably the best dry herb vaporizer under £200: this dry herb vaporizer is 100% convection, has an innovative quartz vaporization chamber, and allows drawing with very little resistance, almost effortlessly; we also add an excellent design and quality materials.

The battery may last a little longer, but you can forgive it.

*Prices are updated daily


Boundless CFX
dry herb vaporizer

The Boundless CFX is an excellent portable dry herb vaporizer, with an excellent vapor quality, and an enviable battery life. Basically it is a step below the Mighty, of which it remembers the features and the display, but the price difference is considerable; remains a good compromise between quality and price, in its range.

*Prices are updated daily


Arizer Solo 2
dry herb vaporizer

The Arizer Solo 2 is a portable dry herb vaporizer with an excellent vapor quality, with a rechargeable lithium battery of reasonable duration.

It is the evolution of the Solo, and has improved in all respects: now it has a fantastic quality/price ratio.

*Prices are updated daily


Flowermate V 5.0s Pro
dry herb vaporizer

This dry herb vaporizer is the evolution of V 5.0, with a led display for complete control over the vaporization temperature.

Good steam quality and portability, discreet battery life.

*Prices are updated daily


Boundless CFV (V2)
dry herb vaporizer

The Boundless CFV is a dry herb vaporizer that uses 100% convection technology. Among those using this type of technology, it is certainly one of the cheapest.

The updated version which includes the following improvements is now on sale: non-removable stainless steel chamber, new gasket with mouthpiece net and a double internal 19350 battery.

*Prices are updated daily


Best dry herb vaporizer without battery

dry herb vaporizer

VapCap dry herb vaporizers have the characteristic of being without a battery, in fact it can be used with a normal lighter (a torch lighter is better). It is a great advantage to never have to worry about the battery life, and besides they are extremely portable.

*Prices are updated daily


Sticky Brick
dry herb vaporizer

Among the latest arrivals among the battery-free vaporizers, it is worth mentioning the Sticky Brick series: built with magnetised wooden cubes, they are portable dry herb vaporizers that uses 100% convection: therefore, they guarantee a tasty and natural vapor; moreover, their build quality makes them look like pieces of craftsmanship.

*Prices are updated daily


Are you still undecided?

The options are many and decide can become complicated: if you do not know how to choose for your purchase, please write to, based on these questions:

Have you ever used a dry herb vaporizer?
How much do you want to spend?
Will you use it alone or in a group?
How important is the battery life?
Do you need it to be discreet?
Will you use it for long sessions or do you want something quick?

In conclusion, there is no best portable dry herb vaporizer in the absolute sense: as you have read, everyone excels in a particular field and however the preference always varies according to personal preferences and tastes.

Finally, what do you think is the best portable dry herb vaporizer? Let us know.

Enjoy vaping!

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