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CRAFTY (2017/v2) | Portable weed vaporizer review

  • Crafty - Dimensions
    CRAFTY (2017/v2) | Portable weed vaporizer review
  • Crafty - Bowl detail
    CRAFTY (2017/v2) | Portable weed vaporizer review
  • Crafty - What's in the box
    CRAFTY (2017/v2) | Portable weed vaporizer review

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The Crafty is the smallest Storz & Bickel’s portable vaporizer, a German company that created the mythical Volcano [read the review] desktop vaporizer.

Their reputation for high quality items materializes this time into the Crafty, a true best seller vaporizer.

Crafty - main characteristics

    • Vaping methodConduction
    • What can I vape?: Herbs and oils
    • Heating speed40 seconds
    • Battery life: 90 minutes
    • Warranty: 2 years

Crafty | Design and portability

This vaporizer immediately stands out for the classic “finned” design (the same as the bigger brother Mighty [read the review]) and the  lack of a LCD display (which can be replaced with your smartphone screen as you can read later) for temperature indication: it is not a bad thing because it makes it more compact, so that it makes it comfortable in a hand and in the pockets of your pants.

The Crafty is not as compact as it can be a Pax 2 [read the review], but its handle is safer thanks to the striped surface, which makes the grip tight.

Its weight is about 136 grams.

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Crafty | Vapor quality

One thing in which Crafty certainly does not get rid of is steam quality: with preset temperatures (the standard 180°C and the boost, which is activated by double clicking on the power button, at 195°C) you can enjoy 100% all the aromas of your herbs (or oils) : the Crafty has the smoothest and coolest vapor of any vape of this size.

The vaporization chamber is average, and can hold up to 0.3 grams of weed.

As we said earlier, the Crafty does not have any display, or button for fine tuning of the temperature.

This has been partially remedied by creating an app for your smartphones: by installing it, you can connect to your vaporizer and using the virtual buttons of the app, raise or lower the temperature to your liking outside the preset values.

Crafty | Battery

The battery is probably the weak point of this vaporizer; nothing dramatic, of course, but let’s analyze it.

The Crafty battery is lithium-free and is not interchangeable on the fly, like other portable vaporizers.

The battery life is about  90 minutes: this is a very welcome upgrade of this 2017/v2 version, that finally give to the Crafty a battery life which is comparable, if not better, to many other competitors.

The fully dry battery  recharge time is about 2 hours, but it can be used while charging.

Another thing we did not like is the auto shutdown function: since it snaps automatically after only 1 minute of inactivity, it is not exactly practical.

One positive feature, however, is that the Crafty can be recharged with a simple micro USB port, that makes it suitable to be recharged virtually anywhere.

Crafty | The choice

Let’s start by saying that the Crafty is definitely one of the best portable vaporizers on the market and, considering the number of competitors that are around, it makes him a great product.

There is also to be said that it has some minor defects, which are  the lack of an LCD screen and buttons for the fine temperature regulation and the short warranty period.

It is true that there is always the app, but it will never be as comfortable as having everything on the vaporizer itself.

However, when it comes to vapor quality, this vaporizer is surely on the top: so, if you are looking for cool and tasty vapor, the Crafty is a must have.

Enjoy vaping!

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9 Total Score

The Crafty is pricey but it rewards you with a top notch vapor. A vaporizer for peoples who wants a cool and tasty vapor.

  • Top vapor quality
  • Battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Warranty period
  • No LCD screen
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