Dry Herb Vaporizer Atman Starlight 2 | Review

  • Atman Starlight 2 package
    Dry Herb Vaporizer Atman Starlight 2  | Review
  • Atman Starlight package content
    Dry Herb Vaporizer Atman Starlight 2  | Review
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    Dry Herb Vaporizer Atman Starlight 2  | Review
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    Dry Herb Vaporizer Atman Starlight 2  | Review
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    Dry Herb Vaporizer Atman Starlight 2  | Review
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    Dry Herb Vaporizer Atman Starlight 2  | Review

The Atman Starlight 2 is the new Atman dry herb vaporizer: Atman is a company that focuses on competitive pricing for all its vaporizer models.

Let’s see together the pro and cons of this vaporizer.

Atman Starlight 2 - main characteristics

    • Vaping methodConduction
    • What can I vape?: Herbs and concentrates
    • Heating speed:40 seconds
    • Battery life: 60 minutes
    • Warranty: 1 year

Dry herb vaporizer Atman Starlight 2 | Design and portability

This vaporizer is rather light in relation to its size, weighing in fact about 110 grams.

It is an average value of the vaporizers in its price range.

The design is quite simple, in fact the body of the vaporizer has no buttons (there is a micro usb port for charging), and the display (very simple) and the buttons to adjust the temperature are located on the bottom of the vaporizer.

The package contains the usual accessories: a dab tool, a cleaning brush, a USB cable and another mouthpiece, in addition to the instruction booklet.

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Dry herb vaporizer Atman Starlight 2 | Battery

The Atman Starlight 2 does not have a removable battery, and the maximum duration of the charge is about 60 minutes.
The fact that the battery is not removable is certainly a defect of this vaporizer: first of all because a removable battery can easily be replaced and then because almost all the new vaporizers use extractable batteries.

The charging time is approximately 90/100 minutes.

Dry herb vaporizer Atman Starlight 2 | Vapor quality

The vapor produced by Starlight 2 is quite good. There are no weird tastes and the volume of vapor produced is discreet, especially at high temperatures.

The vaporization chamber can hold about 0.5 grams of dried herbs; the mouthpiece is made of glass and there is a spare in the package; the mouthpiece is screwed onto the vaporizer, thus revealing the vaporization chamber.

This vaporizer is capable of reaching a maximum temperature of 260 °C: it is with the highest temperatures that the tastiest steam is obtained.

The suction resistance is minimal, and I must say that at this juncture it behaves better than some more costly vaporizers; the temperature is regulated with the two red buttons on the bottom.

I have to say that those buttons have a somewhat plasticky feeling.

Dry herb vaporizer Atman Starlight 2 | The choice

Ed ora la risposta alla domanda che vi state facendo tutti: vale la pena acquistare l’Atman Starlight 2?

Diciamo che sicuramente uno dei suoi punti forti è il prezzo di acquisto, piuttosto basso rispetto alla media, ed anche il vapore che produce è di buona qualità, considerando il prezzo.

Tra i suoi difetti ci sono la mancanza della batteria estraibile e la qualità costruttiva che potrebbe essere migliore.

Enjoy vaping!

6.5 Total Score

A cheap vaporizer with adequate performance. It can certainly improve in some respects like the overall build quality.

  • Value for money
  • Good vapor quality
  • Build quality
  • No removable battery
  • 1 year warranty
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