FLOWERMATE AURA | Portable weed vaporizer review

  • Flowermate Aura - Dimensions
    FLOWERMATE AURA | Portable weed vaporizer review
  • Flowermate Aura - Bowl detail
    FLOWERMATE AURA | Portable weed vaporizer review
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    FLOWERMATE AURA | Portable weed vaporizer review
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    FLOWERMATE AURA | Portable weed vaporizer review

The Flowermate Aura also gives those who do not have a high budget to vaporize their herb, to possess one powerful and portable at the same time.
Look at its pros and cons depending on the type of user: novice or expert.

Flowermate Aura - main characteristics

    • Vaping methodConduction
    • What can I vape?: Herbs, concentrates and oils
    • Heating speed:30/40 seconds
    • Battery life120 minutes
    • Warranty: 1 year

Best Flowermate Aura price

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Flowermate Aura | Experienced users

Experienced users do not only mind the vaporizer price but pay attention to other important details not to be underestimated. An example is the battery life.
Portable vaporizers, independently of their price, always have the battery problem.
The biggest fear of those who vaporize the herb around is to want to use it but suddenly to find the battery low and do not have the immediate recharge option.
This for those who vape regulary is a big problem, easily resolved with Flowermate Aura.

In fact inside it we find a Samsung battery that lasts up to 2 hours at full charge.
I would say a great deal of success, compared to other portable friends.

Another aspect is the battery safeguard, guaranteed by the vaporizer. Pratically, after 5 minutes of non-use of the vaporizer, the appliance shuts itself off. This saves that last bar to make you a nice, end-of-day vaporized, always indispensable.
The habitual user chooses it, not for its power to vaporize, but for other purposes. Nevertheless, they consider the quality of vaporization adequate to the price of the product.

The only flaw they find is that the mouthpiece of the Flowermate is plastic and after long sessions it gets warm.
But the problem is not whether we choose Flowermate as a product to be paired with other vaporizers, even non-portable.
The experienced user knows that cleaning can become a problem in some cases. But they are happy and enthusiasts about the ease with which the Flowermate Aura can be cleaned.

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You are interested in a weed vaporizer but you do not know what to choose?

Flowermate Aura | The newby user

The user at the first experience chooses the Flowermate Aura for its low price, compared to similar portable models. Obviously if you want to learn to drive you do not buy a Ferrari, but a “everyday drive”, to use it until its last day of life.

So also for the vaporizer, there are those who want to start from the bottom with a good product with a great value for money and then get up to the top products.

Compared to the habitual user who knows the importance of the battery, who is a novice does not appreciate the fact that there is a self-shutdown after 5 minutes and he would take it a bit longer.

But the inexperienced will feel the effects when he wants to enjoy his herb and he will stay on the ground with the battery.
Another positive side encountered among the users at the first experience is the easiness of use. In fact even though you have never seen and used a vaporizer, this is very logical and therefore easy to use.
Thanks to the digital panel indicating the set temperature, it is easy to set our vaporizer to get the most out of our herb.

Flowermate Aura | The choice

The choice of the vaporizer is always a personal matter and depends on many factors for which we think a product is valid or not.
Choosing the Flowermate Aura means having an efficient portable vaporizer with great value for money.
A vaporizer for those who want to spend little but still have a good product.
But it is also chosen by those who use it habitually and continually outdoors, because the Flowermate has a long battery life, 2 hours of autonomy.
Among all the features of the Flowermate Aura, is the low budget needed to have it that really makes the difference; obviously do not expect top performance, but a decent tool to get started.

Enjoy vaping!

Best Flowermate Aura price

*Prices are updated daily

7 Total Score

The Flowermate Aura it's a good budget vaporizer, perfect for the vape world newbies. For such a cheap price it offers a decent vapor quality, and a strong battery life.

  • Good value for money
  • Battery life
  • Decent vapor quality
  • Mouthpiece overheating
  • Heating speed
User Rating: 3.5 (12 votes)
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