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STORM | Portable weed vaporizer review

  • Storm - Dimensions
    STORM | Portable weed vaporizer review
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    STORM | Portable weed vaporizer review
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    STORM | Portable weed vaporizer review

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The Storm is one of the most popular pen vaporizer. If so many people have chosen this model, it is right to ask what are the characteristics that make it a portable vaporizer so loved.
Let’s find out.

Storm - main characteristics

    • Vaping methodConduction
    • What can I vape?: Herb,concentrates and oils
    • Heating speed:60 seconds
    • Battery life: 50 minutes
    • Warranty: 1 year

Storm | Design and portability

The Storm vaporizer was created to be a portable product and as a result is made in sizes suitable to be transported around.

It has the features of a pen, to be discreet during vaporization. What the users, both experts and newbie, love is the power that comes from such a small device.

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Storm | Vapor quality

A very important aspect, especially for novice users, is the simplicity of use.

The Storm is a very intuitive and easy to use vaporizer.  The temperature is controlled by a single button, through which you can choose between 5 different temperature settings: 180°C, 190°C, 200°C, 210°C and 220°C.

The mouthpiece is made of rubber, but does not alter the taste of our steam; consequently gives a very good taste and aroma in the mouth.

Here we are at a turning point I would say: considering the price and size, the Storm has a huge advantage over many competitors: not only can vaporize the weed, but can also be used with concentrates and oils.
It is enough to know that this dual functionality is exclusive to vaporizers much less portable and certainly more expensive.

Another important aspect is the quality of the vapor that this object is able to produce: the aroma that leaves you in the mouth is recognized as one of the best, even if the total volume of steam produced per shot is lower than other models.

Storm | Battery

The battery of a portable vaporizer is always a very subjective topic.

This vaporizer has a battery life that can theoretically reach up to 1 hour, with intense use, but as always we must also evaluate the heating temperature that we use during the sessions.

The habitual users of the vaporizers believe it to be a little poor, lower than stated, saying that the battery can last 2-3 sessions per charge, at best.

But on the other hand users at the first experience consider it sufficient to carry around the Storm and use it without problems.

So the advice for the hardened vaporizers is to get a spare battery, to never be caught by surprise. Changing the battery is very simple, like changing a battery in a flashlight.

Storm | The choice

Why should we choose the Storm, among the many similar models? If you are a user of the first experience, it is super recommended.

First of all for the price is affordable, second because it is an extremely powerful herb vaporizer, despite being small and discreet like a pen.

Let’s not forget then that it can also vaporize concentrates and oils!

At a moderate price you can have a practical, functional and versatile model.

Are these the features you want in a portable vaporizer? Then the Storm is for you!

Enjoy vaping!

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7 Total Score

Cheap, compact and able to vaporize weed, and oils. A perfect vaporizer for the beginners.

  • Price
  • Good vapor quality
  • Replaceable battery
  • Battery life
  • Just a 1 year warranty
User Rating: 4.5 (6 votes)
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