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VOLCANO Classic & Hybrid | Desktop weed vaporizer review

The Volcano weed vaporizer has established itself as the number one desktop vaporizer, thanks to its convection technology and to the unquestionable build quality. But let’s see in detail why it is so loved.

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Volcano Hybrid - main characteristics

    • Vaping methodConvection
    • What can I vape?: Herbs and concentrates
    • Heating speed:40 seconds (Classic: 2 minutes)
    • Battery life: Power cord
    • Warranty: 3 years

Volcano | Design and portability

The Volcano is a costly vaporizer, but it must be said that the vaporizer in question is made of high quality materials, chosen to last over time without deteriorating.

The body is in satin-finished aluminum, and the plastics of the base and of the buttons are solid.
Even the digital screen gives a touch of modernity.

Of course it can be used at home only, but it’s a desktop vaporizer after all.

We remind you that Volcano is available in two versions, the Volcano Hybrid (shown in the photos of this article) and the Volcano Classic [Buy at namastevaporizers.co.uk], which instead of digital controls, has a temperature selection wheel; however it is very functional and, above all, costs £250 less!

The look and feel of the Volcano Hybrid appears familiar to loyal users. The Volcano famous shape remained the same.

The display of the vaporizer has been modernized and the old controls have been turned into touch buttons.

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Volcano | Vapor quality

Obviously with such a high price, compared to other vaporizers, it is right to expect great results from our purchase.

Do not worry, the price is adequate for the performance.

The Volcano vaporizer offers the best tasting vapor among the vaporizers field.  If you are worried about the possible residual odors of this huge amount of steam, I will immediately reassure you.

Steam does not sticks to various clothes and furniture and does not remain in the environment.

This is because, as you have noticed from the images, the vapor created by the Volcano vaporizer is collected in a handy baloon, which slowly swells with the vapor released by our dry herb(or concentrates or oils).

Once filled, the baloon is removed from the base and you can draw from the straw on the bag itself: the pure vapor created by the convection heating system is ludicrously tasteful, something every herb enthusiast should try.

The big addition of the Hybrid version is the alternative inhalation method through a tube system. You can directly vape from the unit using a whip. Just heat the vaporizer and start inhaling without using the air pump. Pure vapour with minimal resistance.

To give you an idea of the quality of the steam produced by Volcano Hybrid, this vaporizer is officially used by many national medical institutions for the cannabis treatments.

Functionality is outrageously simple: fill the chamber, choose your preferred temperature between 40°C to 230°C, switch on the air pump, let it heat then just enoy.

Volcano | The choice

The Volcano is a choice for vaporization lovers or those who want to enter this new world with the top equipment.

The price is high, but adequate to an extremely efficient product, lasting over time for years and years.

It allows you to save on the weed and amortize the purchase cost in a short time.

Volcano is always available in stock and arrives comfortably at your home in a few days! The ideal Vaporizer if we want to enjoy the grass on your comfortably on the sofa at home.

Why choose it then?

If you are an avid vaporizer and demand the best, the Volcano is absolutely your choice, cause it creates super quality vapor baloons.

Enjoy vaping!


*Prices are updated daily


9.5 Total Score

If you just want to enjoy the best vapor around, then choose the Volcano.

  • Excellent vapor quality
  • Build quality
  • Price
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